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Rochester Bible Institute

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Pastoral Ministry Classes

Church Administration


with Rosa Day

Calendar runs for 12 weeks

ADM 400 - (Rev 081718) Church Administration introductory study will provide the student with many of the principles, procedures, and techniques used in today’s business world as they apply to the local church and its leadership. This course answers theoretical and practical questions by examining the administrative process, including goal setting, organization, delegation, supervision, and leadership training. The course is designed to help students become more effective church leaders in both theory and practice.



with C. Lawanza Lane

Calendar runs for 12 weeks

MIN209 - (Rev 081718) Evangelism course will train students to be thoughtful and passionate evangelists and to understand and use biblical principles and methods of church outreach. Emphasis is placed on having a deep desire to reach the lost for Christ. Personal, relational and corporate evangelism and motivating the laity for ministry will be considered. Practical theological foundation for the practice of evangelism and for evangelistic leadership in the church.



with Barbara JP Thomas

Calendar runs for 12 weeks

HOM482 - (Rev 081718) Homiletics introductory course features theoretical content as well as homiletic application. Students will learn the basics of preparing and preaching the liturgical homily, including exegesis and use of liturgical readings, exegesis of the congregation, structure of the homily, and effective delivery by going through the process of homily preparation. The study of how sermons are tools in effecting changed lives.

Teaching Techniques


with Ken Odell

EDU210 - (Rev 081718) This Teaching Techniques course is an opportunity to explore the “how” and “why” of teaching as you examine the basic resources, methods, and skills necessary for an effective teaching ministry. A Christian philosophy of education based on the teaching ministry of Christ is presented in this course.  Other subjects include the primary needs and characters of students at different ages, modern educational methods, and the steps in preparing a lesson plan.

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